Project Feasibility Validation and Support


Essay Writing Site AMC has extensive experience in all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle (both package and custom build), from requirements analysis, through to testing, packaging and delivery.

get link higher computing coursework 2011 help Our approach to projects is pragmatic and focussed on realistic return on investment and risk management.

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research proposal poster example When we review a project, we get involved with the right people (from sponsor through to end user) and provide you with a realistic evaluation of feasibility, budget expectation, capability to deliver and realistic completion timescales.

source college application essay service We guarantee that our down to earth approach will be both stakeholder friendly and effective, and existing project members will be left feeling reassured and more in control.

click here essay writing service legit If a direct project review is not suitable, we can partner with specific staff/project members to help them review the project, while cross skilling as part of the process.

Azimuth Management Consulting were engaged by ptsb to review the feasibility of consolidating the ptsb mortgage and retail businesses onto a single core IT system. The focus and primary objective of the exercise was to drive out costs

helping students get homework done The first step in understanding the feasibility of the Bank successfully carrying out the consolidation programme was to understand the utilisation and capacity of the IT resources. The previous three years of projects were categorised into regulatory-compliance, mandatory, BAU and Strategic to better understand the level of resource that would need to be assigned to regulatory and compliance work going forward. The next step was to map all individuals to in-flight and pipeline activities in order to understand (at a team and individual/skill-set level) the utilisation of resources over the coming 18 months. In-flight and pipeline projects were then rated from the perspective of the impact of not doing the project taking into account the Business, IT, Market and Liquidity risks. This enabled us to get a view of the must-do projects and the associated resources.

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A series of workshops and one-to-ones were held with the key business and IT subject matter experts. Models were used to ensure consistent capture of requirements, proposed solutions, estimates and contingency.

logarithms homework help All other migration activities and associated tasks were estimated including, migration planning and strategy, data mapping, product mapping, governance, data cleaning, quality assurance, business process redesign and training, delivery of the working extract-transform-load modules, carrying out the actual migrations and decommissioning. The relevant skill types required were then associated with each activity. The model was then used to determine the optimal resource level and timelines to deliver the programme at minimum cost.

dissertation hrm The migration activity, along with other costs such as additional MIPs, Storage, Infrastructure required for the migration were all calculated and fed into the business case.

The savings associated with hardware, software, operational costs along with development and delivery costs were calculated and fed into the business case.

next A number of workshops were run with IT and the core Business areas to identify and quantify the key risks and issues. The starting point for the business case model was the “As-Is” running costs, projected forward 5 years. A “Migration Projection” was then created that took input for all the above analysis. The two scenarios were then compared and used to determine the overall business case, with a view of IRR, ROI, Breakeven, Payback (and ongoing savings) over a 5 and 8 year time horizon.

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  • purchase premiere cs55 cheap “Azimuth Management Consulting (AMC) bid against a number of other major consultancy houses. The AMC offering was by far the most comprehensive and best value. This work was carried out extremely efficiently over an 8 week period, with clear decision points, accurate and timely provision of information on which to make key decisions, and clear representation of the associated issues, risks, costs and savings . AMC set up and managed the governance process, ensuring all Stakeholders (Business and IT) were kept up to date at all times.”

    What the CIO Brendan Healy said
  • “Azimuth Management Consulting used a very structured and methodical approach based on a series of models to gather and analyse data, and to present meaningful and clear information about the scenarios and options available to us. This made the final decision far easier to make, and provided a clear and auditable series of steps and information that can be utilised at any point in the future”

    What the (then) Executive head of the CIO-Office Michael Reidy said